Kadie Turcotte: Instruction/Liaison Librarian

Hi, my name is Kadie (Turcotte) LaFlamme. I’m the liaison librarian for Graduate Programs and Undergrad Liberal Arts, including: Religion & Theological Studies, Communication & Media, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, World Language & Cultures, Social Justice, Women’s & Gender Studies, and Clinical Mental Health Counseling.
I’m also the administrator for Merrimack ScholarWorks, the college’s digital institutional repository.

If you’re looking for research help, need assistance finding a book or article, want to interlibrary loan materials from other libraries, or have questions about our digital repository, Merrimack ScholarWorks, select a time to make an appointment.

Fall 2021 Schedule:
I will be out on maternity leave until January 2022
Please contact mcquade@merrimack.edu to set up an appointment

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